The Kardashians are No Longer Keeping Up

Keeping up with the Kardishians was one of the primetime movies in America. It was actually created based on the past issues in the life of a famous actress named Kim Kardashian. Kim is a sexy actress and well known for her exciting movies and advertisements in the American television for several years. One day, all of her greatest achievements in life were totally taken away from her because of a very big mistake. A video tape containing a pornographic video of the actress and her ex boyfriend was released in public websites for unknown reasons. The video was actually private and the actress wasn’t expecting that someone will destroy her dignity as a woman using the sex video.

Keeping up with the Kardashians

When Kim Kardashian was being criticized by the people of America, many manipulations and opinions were shared by the media with regard to the effect of the controversies to the emotional status of the actress. Kim took several days and hours of being absent in front of cameras just to defend herself and to stay away from stressful moments. One of the main reasons why the actress stopped from showing her face in the television is the fact that she was pregnant. After several months of waiting, Kim gave birth to her first baby in June 2013. Her first baby was a little girl, a very cute child that gave her a reason to stand up and look forward to regaining her achievements as a sexy actress in the film industry.

Due to the fact that Kim Kardashian is already a mother, there are some questions about her credibility as an actress. Since the latest issues connected to Kim were very sensitive and unacceptable, many other negative comments and feedbacks against her are waiting for her responses. Some famous individuals and film organizers in America nowadays are becoming strict when it comes to the observation of Kim’s latest actions and how it works in entertaining the people of America. These particular expectations and manipulations were finally answered when the public rating of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” was released in the headlines of news. According to the film analysts who evaluated the performance of the primetime movie, the Kardashians are no longer attractive and admirable in the eyes of American people.

In the latest evaluations of the film, one of the reasons why “Keeping up with the Kardashians” got a very low rating in the list of primetime movies that are being viewed in the American television is the issues and controversies thrown to Kim Kardashian. The commentators and analysts were talking about the sex tape of Kim and Ray J. The rating of the film dropped to almost 40%, which is lower than what the organizers were expecting for it. In other words, the film didn’t hit the average rating points for all the movies that were being released in America. If the results of the rating will be compared or associated with the present status of Kardashian’s career, the actress together with her family members who are considered before as excellent individuals in the film industry are now starting to fade away and there is a possibility of losing their popularity one of these days.

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