How much did Vivid Entertainment made from Kim’s tape?

Usually celebrities suffer from their sex tapes being leaked. We don’t have to
look far and just remember last year. Jennifer Lawrence definitely didn’t expect
her nude photos to get published. Only in very rare cases (and today we’re going
to discuss one of them) people can make a real deal from showing their private
to the public.

One of the most successful cases of disasters turned into victory happened in
February – April, 2007 when Kim Kardashian, a famous American
businesswoman, actress and model made a sex tape during her one-time
boyfriend Ray J, an American R&B singer. The tape was made public. Kim
Kardashian sued Vivid Entertainment, an American pornographic film production
company for ownership of the tape.

The sue was rather unsuccessful for her, but with the help of Joe Francis, whom
she knew through her friend Paris Hilton, Kim dropped her lawsuit against Vivid
Entertainment and settled the case with profitable conditions. Kim and Ray J
received $300.000 each. Besides, since then they started getting a cut from the
sold videos.

How much did Vivid Entertainment earn?
You will be quite surprised that Vivid was making only about one thousand US
dollars a month from online sales. As for Kim, she earned $50k in one month
alone. Ray J made a bit less, but still very impressive amount of money – $90k
during the next three money.

It’s known that the sex tape let Kim to make around $4.5 million. A pretty good
deal for 5 minutes of shooting on her smartphone.

The sex tape brought her to fame. We know that she had around 85 million
American dollars at that time.

During the same year Kim started her reality show “Keeping Up with the
Kardashians”. In next four years, the star earned to her family around 100
million US dollars.

Was it just a very smart leak?
Some people think that Kim and Ray J planned all this. An anonymous friend of
Ray J’s gave an interview: “Both Ray J and Kim leaked the tape. They made that
tape on purpose and that purpose was fame! Kim was all for it and then, when
the tape became public, she acted like she was really upset. Everyone on the
inside knew that it was all an act. She wanted to be famous like Paris [Hilton],
and it worked.”

Well, it was a nice plan that worked. The same source claims that the star
prearranged selling her sex tape. He even says that Kim Kardashian discussed it
with her family. What a family, don’t you think?

Money without leaking your sex tapes – it is possible
Kim’s fame continues to rise even now in 2017. She wrote a book “Selfish” (full
of her own selfies) which helped her to make much more millions, created a few
apps, and now earns money on promoting brand on social media (Instagram and
Twitter) – this is quite easy because the celebrity has around 150M followers in

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