What Are the Other Celebrity Sex Tapes?

The most scandalous sex tapes of celebrities

After Ray J reminded us at the beginning of this year about the scandal his and Kim Kardashian’s sex tape triggered, we all are very excited about how this story is going to end. But before anything else happens, let’s take a look back at older famous (or not!) sex scandals you may have missed.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

It may seem surprising, but there was a time (long ago!) when sex-tapes weren’t really a way to get famous, and stars were even embarrassed to have them published and shared on all social media. For example, 1995 infamous sex tape made by the actress Pamela Anderson and her husband Tommy Lee was leaked online. The video was supposingly “stolen” from their house (even though nobody ever proved it) but a few years later, future-stars such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton used “leaked” home sex movies to launch their careers.

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

“Seriously??” Yes. THE Bill Clinton. With a White House intern. Any sex affair that would involve an (ex) president of the United States is unexpected though pretty famous at the time – in 1998 – as shown in Eminem’s song 2013 Rap God: “Ever since Bill Clinton was still in office / With Monica Lewinsky feeling on his nut-sack”…

Christine Keeler and the Profumo affair

Let’s keep on with politicians. At the climax of the Cold War in 1963, British Secretary of State for War John Profumo had an affair with 19 year-old model Christine Keeler two years earlier. This scandal became even greater when it was discovered that the model was also bedding with a Russian officer in the meantime. Not only a sex affair, this became a war affair: the possibility for a security leak from the British Secretary of State for War was alarming. Profumo resigned from his functions and Christine’s friend Stephen Ward, who was said to be responsible for this scandal, was charged with using her for financial purpose but committed suicide before he could be sentenced. Eventually, UK government figured out that no security leak was engendered but the stress the affair caused made Prime Minister Harold MacMillan to resign and most people think it is a reason why the Conservatives lost the 1964 election.

Tiger Woods – Do you remember him?

Yeah, the golf superstar. For many years he managed to keep his private life far from the media, until November 2009, when he was discovered to have had cheated on his wife with New York nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel. She denied everything but after a minor car crash deliberately caused by his wife and a voicemail message left by him to one of his mistresses leaked to the US press, Woods was forced to admit his acts and apologize. Only a few weeks later a dozen of women claimed to have had affairs with him. After that, he had to cancel his upcoming golf tournaments, was dropped from multi-million dollar endorsement deals and was divorced by his wife the following year.

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