Kim’s Tape made her Family a Millionaire

The 33 years old sexy, gorgeous and famous Television personality Kim Kardashian has been very popular because of being involve into sex tape issues. As part of Kim’s nature of job, she was able to garner awards together with her family particularly her sisters. They even got a television series where their family has becomes the center of the show. Though the show has ended after releasing the series, their career doesn’t end up there. Kim became one of the controversial Hollywood celebrities that have been involve into scandals or sex tapes. Kim Kardashian sex tape was even considered as one of the ways for their family to earn more or less than 65 million dollars in year 2010.

According to different sources, Kim was able to give her family the chance to make themselves undeniably exceeding even some of the most highly paid Hollywood celebrities. Kim’s family has first gained their popularity in television because of her sex tape offers and that was said to be in year 2006. The controversy brought by Kardashian sex tape seems to be the door that opened the opportunity for them to enter the world of media.

The involvement of Kim’s family to her controversy became constant even until these years. Their family as millionaires has huge influence to those who are also searching their ways to get popular in Hollywood. In fact, Kim Kardashian sex tapes are being one of the top sex tapes being searched by many searchers online. The sex tapes being made by Kim Kardashian has always been controversial until for many years. Not only one sex tape was said to be done by Kim and with her sex tape partner Ray J but she didn’t admitted any fault on her side.

Kim Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner and her sisters Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendal became part of the television series where they really earned their chance to become popular too just like her. Aside from the Kim Kardashian sex tapes, doing endorsements are one of the main reason why her family become famous and millionaire. The family of Kim was able to get the chance of knowing the best way of how they are going to earn millions and keep their name in the entertainment industry. Until now, their family is there and consistently doing endorsements and television appearances that makes them more renowned.

If you are going to read more articles about their family, you will be able to learn how they have gone far through different controversies and achievements they have received. Many people have witnessed how they continue their success in the industry and somehow, it is true that Kim Kardashian sex tape can be considered as one of the reason why their family is in the top of fame and richness. Until now, their family is in the limelight of being controversial. Kim Kardashian’s family and herself are successful making their own way of becoming a millionaire and the question of people is, can Kim and her family make success after more years to come? The question people should people should track in coming years.

Ray J claims into Kim Kardashian sex tape

Someone is trying to grab the right on the 39-minut X-rated film of Kim Kardashian taken last February 2007. This film features the socialite along with her ex-boyfriend Ray J. in a hotel. Ray J, is a rapper and can be described as one of the rascal singers, claims the fame when he started ti date the infamous reality TV star. He releases now a new single, which has a title of “I Hit it First”.

This song is being accompanied by a certain video clip featuring him romping in a bed together with women portraying the image of Kim. Part of the lyrics was “She might hit on the rappers and the ballplayers” refers on the recent boyfriend, Kanye West and to her former husband, Kris Humphries, NBA player. He continued it with “but we all know I hit her first”.

According to the, the cad man is concerned about his visibility on the video. He is worrying that people may forget his presence there. He emphasizes it through his lyrics and “And if you came back to me, we’d make another movie.”

If you are going to analyse it the grossest part of the song as well as video is that Kanye West must be the one who must be offended and not Kim. This is true although she is the one being pertained and being compared to a bong being passed by the college boys around. It was reported that this rapper man is trying to play down with the controversy on his newest and latest creations. He is provoking something against Kim. However, he depended that people are only taking too deep of the thing around them. He is not here to build war but instead he wants some love.

On the other hand, Vivid Entertainment, the company that is holding current right for broadcasting that film, reveals that a certain Tennessee law firm approach them as a representation a prospective bidder.

The letter of the lawyer suggested that this eager buyer might be directed to Kim who already spoke up for the shame she had suffer from that film. According to the letter, they are going to buy any footage of the film that they have which involves the presence of Kim Kardashian.

The boss of the Vivid Entertainment states that they are open to any kind of deal but they must prepare to spend a fortune on this. He further insisted that if they are going to based it on the long-term value as well as all the rights that go along with, the deal will most probably starts at £18million. He added that he has no idea regarding with these stuff, but it is Kim, then he respect her a lot.

What do you think? If you were the buyer, would you buy that? Is it really Kim the man behind that mysterious buyer? Why would she do that? We all do not know. Let us just wait for more information.

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